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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Violence in Israel

EDITOR: Three Israeli students — one with U.S.-Israeli dual citizenship — were kidnapped, terrorized and murdered by Palestinians. The perpetrators were celebrated as heroes and are being hidden and protected by Palestinians. One Palestinian teenager was violently murdered by Israelis, an act strongly condemned by the Israeli government. The perpetrators were found, arrested, jailed and now face prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a condolence call to Hussein Khieder, expressing his outrage over the “reprehensible” murder of his son. How can one fail to see the difference between these two societies: one, lawful, the other honoring and harboring terrorists?

Urban warfare between youths hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails and police firing rubber bullets and tear gas makes for an unsafe place for bystanders. To be in such a violent zone is to risk being subjected to that violence.

Every decent person is revolted by the bruises inflicted by Israeli police that Tariq Khdeir sustained. But, why was he in the midst of such violence? Khdeir is fortunately alive, speaks, gains sympathy and will become a poster boy for propagandists. Three Israeli students and one Palestinian teenager are dead. They will soon be forgotten.


Santa Rosa

Misplaced animosity

EDITOR: The district attorney's decision to not charge the deputy for killing the 13-year-old child is understandable. Most people think they would have acted differently had they been faced with a young person carrying a gun. Unfortunately, the deputy was armed and frightened.

We think we have the right to expect perfection in other people while making excuses for our own mistakes. The deputy's life is altered forever, but he has learned to pause before shooting. The alternative view would have had to be that he was a rogue cop looking for an excuse to shoot just anybody. Really?

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