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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Kaiser care

EDITOR: In the Sunday Press Democrat, you devoted four pages to an attack on mental health care at Kaiser. The allegations of lack of care boiled down to the statements of one disgruntled former employee and a couple of his patients. It read like a piece in a tabloid instead of the responsible journalism I used to expect from The Press Democrat. I have no knowledge of mental health care at Kaiser, nor did I gain any knowledge from reading this. You should be ashamed.



Desalination then, now

EDITOR: Regarding the June 13 article about desalination (“Big bet on desalination near San Diego”): In 1942, I joined the U.S. Navy and served aboard two carriers, one in the North Atlantic and one in the Pacific, for a total of 20 months of sea duty. We were never without fresh water. The ships had their own desalination operations, and we had more than 1,000 men on one ship and 3,800 men on the other. We drank this water, showered with it and cleaned our clothes.

We had desalination in 1942. Where have we been? I’m quite sure that the methods are much more up-to-date and should make it much easier and cheaper. I’m pleased to see this beginning to happen, even though, at my advanced age, I may not see it in operation.


Santa Rosa

War on teachers

EDITOR: A judge ruled in the Vergara case that several statutes protecting the employment rights of teachers were unconstitutional and do harm to poor and minority children. The judge’s brief ruling didn’t explain how the statues were unconstitutional, nor how they specifically affected the poor and minorities since the statutes apply equally to all schools with middle-class as well as poor students.

California has many problems affecting the performance of its schools: lowest per-student funding in the nation; largest class sizes in the nation; highest number of second-language learners in the nation; many of the poorest students in the nation; some of the most segregated neighborhoods and schools in the nation; and the fewest nurses, counselors and librarians per student in the nation.

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