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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Bishop's intentions

EDITOR: When a 5-year-old's mother tells him not to play in the street, he wails, “you don't let me do anything. You hate me.” An adult should know better.

I'm deeply saddened by the recent attacks on Bishop Robert Vasa. I am not Catholic, but I have talked to him, and I am convinced he is motivated by love, not hate.

He criticizes the homosexual lifestyle not because he hates homosexuals but because he knows their lifestyle will not bring happiness and risks eternal damnation.

He, and I, protest abortion not because we hate women who choose abortion but because we love those babies, and the women who deny themselves the joy of knowing those children, and the society that will lose the contributions of those children.

Parents who love their children make rules to protect them and bring out the best in them. God loves sinners, and that includes all of us. So He makes rules, to protect us and bring out the best in us.

We who speak out do so because we love people enough to risk their anger. Disagree; ignore our advice; but please don't judge our motives.


Santa Rosa

Developmental Center

EDITOR: It seems to me that state Sen. Noreen Evans' bill, SB 1428, is pretty thin soup (“Push for preservation,” March 8). Rather than requiring state officials to “confer and co-operate” with “public and private” entities in any redevelopment plan for the Sonoma Development Center's publicly owned land, the senator should be working aggressively to maintain the public ownership of this land.

Inviting co-operation with “private entities” suggests that some kind of compromise, i.e. only selling half of it, as an option. It shouldn't be. Evans could just have easily submitted a bill to give the land to the open space district.

Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin also misses the mark when she refers to the state as being “just like any other private owner.” The state is not just like any private owner. It does not have a self-interest. It is supposed to pursue what is in the best interests of the people. Period.

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