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Monday's Letters to the Editor

Soldiers over politicians

EDITOR: In rebuttal to Jim Minton (“Guns and ammo,” Letters, Thursday):

First, there are no “former Marines.” Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Second, the Marine in Wednesday's photo offered his life so that we may continue to exercise our constitutional rights. If he wants to “get the feel” of a gun in a gun shop, God bless him. It's his right, more so than most, to do so. It would be the beginning of the downfall of our form of government to deny him or anyone else their Second Amendment rights.

Third, it is not inconceivable that the FBI could be ordered to go door-to-door confiscating guns. The first doors they'll knock on are those of registered gun owners.

Who would have thought the National Security Agency would collect our phone or email exchanges or the Internal Revenue Service would single out an applicant for tax-exempt status based on the perceived political affiliation of that applicant?

It may be wiser not to trust government, or should I say not trust those people in control of government and instead rely on the lessons of history to guide our actions?

No, I'll put my faith in that Marine or soldier or sailor before I'd put it with any politician.



Improving the lake

EDITOR: I keep seeing pictures of Lake Mendocino with really low levels, and it makes me wonder. Why aren't they using this opportunity to grade the lake and remove dirt to increase the holding capacity of the lake? Also could the dirt be used to raise the dam level?



Spirit of giving

EDITOR: When our home burned, we lost everything that we and our children have accumulated over the years that made us comfortable and defined us as a family (“Couple escape fire, home destroyed,” Dec. 11). Christmas looked bleak as we faced the daunting process of getting the basic necessities, let alone trying to replace presents and decorations. We also had the task of finding a place where the six of us could be together during the holidays.

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