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Lowell Cohn: Harbaugh's time of triumph

  • Jim Harbaugh turns up the heat in frigid Green Bay. (John Burgess / The Press Democrat)

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Welcome to Jim Harbaugh Unchained. Grab onto his shirt and hang on for the ride.

Harbaugh strides into the postgame interview room, his 49ers having beaten, out-toughed the tough Green Bay Packers in their place in the face-burning cold. So, Harbaugh, strides into the room and vaults onto the stage. He grins. Perfect teeth. Good genes or great orthodontist. He gets going, goes on a verbal run, a downhill run goal line to goal line. A burst.

“You didn’t think we were going to pull it out, did you?” His burst is rapid fire. He’s laughing. This is the laughing Harbaugh. There are so many different Harbaughs. This one is the nicest — Mr. Joy.

“This is not our first time,” he says. He laughs. He can’t stop laughing. You think he will get the giggles and the teacher will throw him out of the class. “We’ve got a lot of tough guys and they generate a lot of toughness.”

He comes down hard on toughness, articulates both syllables: Tough. Ness. “And clutch. Clutch performances. Crabtree. (He omits some first names. He’s entitled. You know who they are.) Kaepernick. T. Brock. Lotta guys. Bowman. Willis. Vernon Davis. Frank Gore. Offensive line. Great protection all day.”

He inhales. Needs to inhale. Someone asks a question. Were Colin Kaepernick’s runs called? Kaepernick ran seven times for 98 yards, just murdered the Packers. Unbelievable performance.

Harbaugh is at ready alert at the word Kaepernick. “There wasn’t a whole lot called out there today (i.e. penalties). Our receivers were getting grabbed. I think Colin saw that. Took matters into his own hands. He was around the edge a couple of times so fast. (Harbaugh is speaking faster now.) Fifteen, 20 yards. If it was a yard, it was 20. It was unbelievable the way he was getting the edge. Just clutch. Colin Kaepernick is, I think, we could all agree a clutch performer. It’s not his first time doing this.”

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