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Grant Cohn: Godfather of deception awaits

  • Rob Ryan has brought his special brand of defense to New Orleans. (Mel Evans / Associated Press)

SANTA CLARA – Greg Roman made the Sonny Corleone mistake at his press conference on Thursday.

Sonny Corleone opened his mouth in front of Sollozzo in “Godfather I,” expressed interest in dealing narcotics without consulting the Don. So, Sollozzo knew there was discord in the Corleone family and used it against them. Sonny broke the omerta, the mafia's code of silence.

Roman didn't come out in favor of drugs. But he broke the 49ers' omerta on Thursday. All week, reporters had been asking Jim Harbaugh, the Niners' Don, what is wrong with Colin Kaepernick? Is he regressing? Is he having trouble going through his full progressions?

“We don't think anything's wrong with Colin,” said Harbaugh, defiant. “We feel like his progression's been very good. He's played winning football for us and that's what we expect.”

Harbaugh did not blame Kaepernick for the passing game's problems. He praised Kaepernick.

Cut to Roman on Thursday. A reporter asked him how well Kaepernick is developing.

“Colin is progressing very nicely,” Roman said, and then he broke the code: “There is still an element of, 'I'm seeing something for the first time.' Obviously, there was a lot of that last year, and very similar this year.”

Let me translate that for you: Roman was saying something like: “Don't blame me that the offense has disappeared in big games this season. Blame the novice quarterback, that's who. Half the time he doesn't know what he's seeing when he looks at the defense, so what can I do?”

I imagine Harbaugh dropping his head in disgust after hearing that, calling Roman into his office and saying, “Santino, never tell anyone outside the family what you're thinking again.”

Does Roman even realize it is his job as the offensive coordinator to anticipate the different looks Kaepernick will see in the game, and then present those looks to him on film and on the field during the week of practice prior to the game? That's what Roman is paid to do. When he calls out his quarterback's ability to recognize defenses, Roman really calls out his ability to teach.

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