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Nov. 7 Letters to the Editor

Political influence

EDITOR: After all this time, Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo is charged with peeking while wearing his underwear and trying to get inside a woman's bedroom. If this was any other citizen, he would be in jail now and not charged with peeking.

We have seen many times how politicians, VIPs and the wealthy seem to have different standards than the rest of the public.

A peeking charge will allow Carrillo to stay in office. The only agency that did its job was Santa Rosa Police Department, which recognized his actions for what they were. The next time a male in his underwear tries to break into a woman's bedroom, we know what to call it.

The victim is not getting justice. What political influence played in this charge?


Santa Rosa

Dramatic irony

EDITOR: When an ancient Greek audience was forced to endure an unfolding outcome it already knew was tragic but the play's protagonists did not, they called it “dramatic irony.”

Here we sit, as a town and a country, having to endure once again a shooting death, only to be followed by the same sad and futile rituals: parades of protest, yellow ribbons, teddy bears and candles, the grief counselors and then the same sterile arguments and explanations from all the vested interest groups. In the middle lies a dead child with his grieving parents.

As a country, we have an apparently infinite capacity to endure this slaughter of the innocents. It gives lie to the oft-claimed chant of so many that they care about life, when their own closets filled with guns says exactly the opposite. There is not a single person in Santa Rosa or the entire country who can say when this unnecessary and vainglorious slaughter will ever stop because we willingly stay locked in our paranoid, adolescent dream of fear, arming ourselves to the teeth, ready to spring into action at moment's notice.

The play goes on, the deaths mount, we stay paralyzed.

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