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Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

Redefining peeking

EDITOR: Silly me, I had always thought that “peeking” meant looking inside someone's residence, not ripping a window screen and sticking an arm through the blinds (“Carrillo to be charged with peeking,” Friday). I am glad the state Attorney General's Office was able to correct this mistaken assumption on my part and provide me with the proper perspective.



Flawed protocol

EDITOR: The tragic death of Andy Lopez brings up other sad memories.

Jeremiah Chass, a 16-year-old fatally shot by deputies when his family called for help because he was psychotic and out of control; he may have been holding a knife.

Richard DeSantis, shot unarmed as he charged several officers in a bipolar episode.

Kuan Chung Kao, shot to death as he waved a broomstick at the police outside his Rohnert Park home.

How many others?

My heart aches for the victims' families and for the officers who live with the memories of these mistakes.

What I fear in the Andy Lopez case is one more investigation of an individual officer in an individual incident that will exonerate the officer because he followed approved protocol.

Isn't it time to investigate the protocol that repeatedly gives rise to heartbreaking headlines? There is something horribly wrong in a protocol that results in shooting the innocent, the mentally ill, the unarmed and the minimally armed. Investigate the protocol.



A different perspective

EDITOR: I suggest that the letter titled “Divisive tea party” in the Oct. 27 paper be rewritten with every “tea party” reference changed to read “Democrat,” which would make this piece as true as the writer wants everyone to believe about America's up-and-coming patriotic party.



Pot conundrum

EDITOR: Thank you for Dan Morain's Oct. 29 column (“Gavin Newsom's new campaign: Legalizing Pot”). He points out the current mess caused by Proposition 215. Environmental degradation and use of herbicides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals is not the process of producing a useful “medicine.”

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