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Grant Cohn: John Skelton signing a huge development for the 49ers and here's why

  • John Skelton brings "good stature" to quarterback position, in the words of coach Jim Harbaugh. (Associated Press)

SANTA CLARA – You think you know Jim Harbaugh, and then he goes and signs John Skelton as a backup quarterback.

Signing Skelton is a defining move of the Harbaugh Era. Not because Skelton is good. He isn't. He represents a dramatic shift in the 49ers' offensive philosophy.

Skelton does not fit into the offense the 49ers have run since Colin Kaepernick became the starting quarterback last season. Skelton can't run the read-option. He can't run, period. He's what scouts and coaches call “an iron deer on the lawn.” He does not leave the pocket and when the pass rush closes in, he goes down. He is the least athletic quarterback of the Harbaugh Era.

“There are different levels of athleticism,” said Harbaugh, “but anybody who plays quarterback in the National Football League is a pretty darn good athlete.”

So, athletically, Skelton is at the “anybody” level.

Later, Skelton said in the locker room, “I'm fairly confident I'm not going to do the stuff Kap can do.” The understatement of the season.

“Are you going to do more of the stuff Alex Smith did last year?” one reporter asked Skelton.

“Yeah, probably more like that,” Skelton replied, and then he reconsidered. “Even him, he's probably more mobile than I am.”

Skelton is honest. He also has a strong arm and he's tall – “good stature in the pocket,” that's how Harbaugh described Skelton Wednesday afternoon.

Since when does Harbaugh care about stature in the pocket?

For two years he has been focusing on perimeter offense and the read-option, two things which do not require stature.

The 49ers acquired two shrimp quarterbacks this offseason, Colt McCoy in free agency and B.J. Daniels in the draft. Forget stature in the pocket, those two are peanuts in the pocket. But the 49ers wanted them because they can run.

Clearly, running recently plummeted down the list of things Harbaugh values in a quarterback and stature skyrocketed. And since stature is so important all of a sudden, McCoy and Daniels no longer can play in the style of offense the 49ers are going to run. That's why the 49ers cut B.J. Daniels Tuesday morning. The Seahawks, who still value mobility in their quarterbacks, signed Daniels about 24 hours later.

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