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Extra letters: Readers respond to possible strike against Syria

EDITOR: Recent articles in The Press Democrat say that policymakers are uncertain as to what will be the outcome if the United States attacks Syria with bombs or missiles. Let's be frank. An attack by the United States on Syria would result in an attack on Israel by Syria and/or Hezbollah. Then, Israel will attack Syria in every possible manner.

The next phase would see the entire Islamic world — North Africa, Arabia, South Asia — unite in war against Israel. Shiite and Sunni forces would shake hands, worship together and unite to drive Israel from the Middle East. The United States would attempt to defend Israel. We would pay dearly, would slip in to default and bankruptcy, lose thousands of good American lives and, then, in defeat, would accept several million refugees into the United States.

Let's redirect our efforts from warfare in the Middle East toward forming a more perfect union and securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.



Syrian atrocity

EDITOR: In response to the deaths of innocent people from chemical weapons, I don't know if President Barack Obama's proposed response is correct, but I do know that to do nothing in the face of an atrocity is to be part of that atrocity. The rest of the world is choosing to do nothing, and no decision is a decision. At least Obama is choosing some action. Obama doesn't want to be a dictator like the president of Syria, so he included Congress. Will Congress be part of the atrocity, or will members choose to say “No, to chemical weapon use against civilians which include innocent children”?



Protect refugees

EDITOR: It has appeared that there are only two conflicting extremes — the United States launching an attack on Syria or doing anything. We would like to raise awareness of an alternative plan of action that would aid the innocent Syrian civilians and give the U.S. a moral and security purpose for its involvement. The U.S. should finance and construct additional refugee camps for fleeing Syrians. Should the Syrian military attack these sanctuaries, it would justify U.S. retaliation.

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